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Holocaust Learning UK offers secondary schools a unique array of films, tailor-made for students. Our films use hitherto unseen survivor testimony, archive historical footage and a diverse cast of student actors to foster an understanding of the Holocaust, both its historical importance and its contemporary relevance.


Holocaust Survivor Steven Frank takes students on a journey from Pre-War Holland into the dark days of Nazi occupation. Student actors and rarely seen archive footage provide contextual information about the Holocaust and offer insight into the uniquely Dutch War-time struggle between rescuers and resistance fighters and the equally determined bounty hunters who made fortunes capturing hidden Jewish adults and children. An exploration of the moral dilemmas facing normal people and an examination of modern day antisemitism and racism provide a powerful and thought-provoking challenge for students.


An account of a hidden Polish child’s fight for survival under Nazi occupation. Janine Webber’s compelling and accessible testimony is interwoven with archive footage while a diverse cast of participating student actors relay accounts from a broad spectrum of Holocaust-related struggles. Viewers are immersed in a stimulating and engrossing learning experience that explains and historically contextualises the Holocaust against the backdrop of World War Two whilst drawing parallels to subsequent genocides. The film highlights and explores racism, discrimination and victimisation, past and present.


Six Holocaust Survivors provide powerful and immersive testimonies to create a pan-European understanding of the Holocaust in the context of World War Two. The Assembly Film intersperses newly recorded personal testimonies, archive footage, and historical information, conveyed by a diverse cast of student presenters. The Holocaust is succinctly explained, as is its modern-day relevance. The Assembly Film provides a powerful, informative, and engaging experience that reaches out to all year groups and delivers a potent Holocaust Memorial Day message.