Linking the past,
present and


Holocaust Learning UK provides a unique opportunity for young people to meet a Holocaust survivor and/or one of their descendants, to hear their testimony and to work in small groups with trained facilitators to explore the underlying issues of racism, bullying and discrimination that still resonate today.


Due to the COVID crisis, we have commissioned a docufilm, Out of the Darkness, which will capture the spirit and essence of the Events. It will be visually engaging, informative and thought provoking. If your school or college wishes to screen Out of the Darkness, you will need to register your interest in advance of screening.

“I visited this programme as a 14 year old myself and the gravity
of the event still isnt lost on me
10 years later. An inspiring event.”


Due to the COVID crisis, we aren’t able to invite students into our participating Synagogues to hear the testimony of a Holocaust Survivor in 2021. However we have commissioned a docufilm, “Out of the Darkness”, which will capture the spirit and essence of the events.