HLUK is a voluntary sector organisation providing Holocaust education for secondary school age students.

HLUK recognises that the welfare and interests of children and adolescents are paramount in all circumstances and as such, we ensure that we provide a safe environment in which young people can participate in our Holocaust memorial education events.

HLUK collects no data pertaining to individual students whatsoever: no names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers or any other information. Teachers register with us only the name of the school, the number of students attending and the year group(s) from which students are drawn.
We ensure that our facilitators, educators, helpers, and organisers are at no time alone with students, individually or in a group. The workshops in which groups of students participate are facilitated by a minimum of two volunteers and in most cases, they are also attended by one of the students’ teachers. Nevertheless, in keeping with best safeguarding practice guidelines, each year, all our volunteer facilitators, educators, helpers and organisers will be asked to complete a voluntary self-disclosure form.
During our Events, should a student require individual attention, for reasons of health, distress, behaviour, or any other matter, this will always be provided by two members of HLUK, or one member of HLUK and a teacher from the student’s school, or one or more teacher from the student’s school.
In the unlikely event that disclosure of a Safeguarding matter should be made within a workshop, or a Safeguarding matter should be witnessed at an Event, the Co-ordinator of the Event will be informed, and advice sought immediately from the local social services children’s safeguarding team. The Chair of HLUK Joint Committee will also be informed and if appropriate, the Designated Safeguarding Lead at the student’s school.
For ease of access, contact numbers for local children’s safeguarding services are appended below.
This policy will be reviewed annually, or in response to changes in legislation and/or government guidance.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our 2020-21 Events will all take place remotely. Volunteer facilitators, educators, helpers and organisers will not be participating. The Events will be presented via a film, and will thus involve no in vivo or remote contact with students this year; no self-disclosure forms will thus be completed in advance of the 2021 Events.

HLUK Joint Committee, 2020

Appendix: Children’s Safeguarding Service

• Hertfordshire Children’s Safeguarding: 0300 123 4043
• Harrow Children’s Safeguarding: 0208901 2690
• Hillingdon Children’s Safeguarding: 01895 556633
• Ealing Children’s Safeguarding: 0208825 8000
• Brent Children’s Safeguarding: 0208937 4300 (option 1)