Safeguarding Policy


Holocaust Learning UK (HLUK) is a voluntary sector organisation providing Holocaust education for secondary school age students.

HLUK creates films based on survivor testimonies for teachers to use with secondary school students.

In creating these films, HLUK is mindful of the need to protect children and young people from trauma whilst providing an accurate and realistic understanding of the Holocaust. At all times we seek to ensure that the content of our films is age-appropriate and we will seek advice from suitably qualified professional experts both within our organisation and externally to ensure that this standard is maintained.

The assessment of the appropriateness of our films for specific students remains the responsibility of individual schools and teachers. As such, HLUK encourages and expects teachers to risk-assess by viewing our films before they show the films to their students. Pre-viewing our films is simple and teachers can do so once registered with us.

In creating our films, student actors may be used. Such actors will be contracted by the film company producing HLUK films. In this circumstance, and where student actors may be below the age of 18 years, HLUK will ensure that the film production company with whom we contract has in place a robust and appropriate Safeguarding policy to which they adhere.

HLUK holds no data pertaining to individual students whatsoever: no names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers or any other information. Teachers register with us using only their name and the name of the school, the number of students who may be viewing the film(s), and the year group(s) from which students are drawn.

This policy will be reviewed annually, or in response to changes in legislation and/or government guidance.

HLUK Joint Committee, 2023