FAQs: Holocaust Learning UK: Our Live Events and our Docufilm Out of the Darkness

(Please note: no live Events are available during the school year 2020 – 2021 due to the pandemic)


What age group are our Events and our Docufilm Out of the Darkness aimed at?

Our live Events and our Docufilm are aimed at students aged 12+. Our Docufilm is available for any teacher to pre-view as part of standard school risk assessment and we are happy to discuss the content of our live Events with teachers prior to their bringing students to participate. 


What about older and younger students?

We do not recommend our Events for students younger than 12. Our Events and our Docufilm will also have appeal and meaning to older students and adults. Please contact us to discuss further.


What about students in Special Schools?

HLUK advises that Out of the Darkness is likely to be too emotionally and cognitively demanding for students attending Special Schools. Teachers within Special Schools are strongly recommended to view Out of the Darkness in full prior to screening it for their students.


Are Holocaust Learning UK Events suitable for students of all ethnicities, religions, racial and national groups?

Most definitely! HLUK Events and our Docufilm are intended for students of every religious, ethnic, racial and national group.


Are HLUK Events and the Docufilm suitable for students with and without knowledge of the Holocaust and / or of World War 2?

HLUK Events and our Docufilm are designed to be accessible and stimulating to students with either no knowledge of the Holocaust and WW2 or with students with extensive knowledge of the Holocaust and WW2.


What will happen when I register my school?  

You will receive a notification explaining how to access our “Registered Users Page”.  This will allow you to find the teacher resources and link into the film.  Each time you wish to screen the film, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire as to how many students from each year group /grades will be viewing it on that occasion, and once that is submitted, the film link will be “live” for you.


My school has a hearing-impaired student(s). Is a subtitled version of the Docufilm available?

Yes: the Docufilm can be screened with subtitles. This can be requested just before each screening.


Is the Docufilm free?

The Docufilm (including the subtitled version) is free to all schools and all organisations, and to guest registrants. 


Is the Docufilm simple to show to students? 

The Docufilm can be shown to your students very simply following a brief registration process. Many schools have done so. No technical knowledge or IT sophistication is required!


Can I view the Docufilm prior to showing it to my students?

Yes, most definitely. We recognise that teachers will expect to do so. Once you have registered there is no limit to how many times you may show the Docufilm to individual teachers and / or to groups of students.


Is there any limit to the number of viewings I am allowed to make?

No, there is no limit to the number of times you may show the Docufilm once you have registered. However, screenings will only be available during the Screening Window from 17th January 2022 to 31stMay 2022.


If more than one teacher is going to screen the film, do we need to make multiple registrations?  

No. Teachers from the same school can share the username and password that has been registered. There is no need for any single institution or organisation to make multiple registrations. 


I’ve forgotten my password – please can you reset it for me.  

Simply click on “forgotten password?” and a link will be sent to the registered email address, allowing you to reset your password.


How long is the Docufilm?

The Docufilm is 1 hour long.


Can my school download and keep a copy of the Docufilm?

No, copying and keeping the Docufilm is not permitted. However, registration will be available again next year!


Can we give the link to parents so that they can watch the film with their children? 

No, the Docufilm is intended for teacher-led viewing only.


Do you evaluate the effectiveness of your Events?

Teachers are asked to complete evaluations of our Events and after screening the Docufilm. These results are analysed annually and used to inform the development of future Events. We also collect feedback from students. Informal feedback is updated regularly on our news page. See: News & Updates – Holocaust Learning UK 


How are HLUK Events and the Docufilm funded?

HLUK is a registered charity and we are funded purely by donations. We are deeply grateful to all our Supporters

Can I make a personal donation to HLUK or can my school make a donation?

Yes, both personal and organisational donations are gratefully accepted. Please click here to donate to us via Virgin Money Giving. 


For any other queries please contact us: