Out of the Darkness

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A Docufilm brought to you by Holocaust Learning UK

Out of the Darkness includes the compelling testimony of a Holocaust Survivor and features a diverse cast of participating students and a rabbi. It teaches students about the Holocaust by contextualising the Survivor testimony, identifying suffering where the victims are selected on the basis of being ‘different’ or ‘other’ and it also references subsequent genocides.

Out of the Darkness is visually engaging, informative and thought provoking.

Out of the Darkness and the supporting resources for teachers are provided free of charge to all schools.

Out of the Darkness will be available for schools to register from 4th October 2021 and available to screen from 17th January 2022 to 31st May 2022.

Out of the Darkness is fundamentally about encouraging students to learn the lessons from the past to help build a better, safer future for everyone.

Out of the Darkness
  • Running time 59 minutes
  • Is suitable for students from Year 8 through to Year 13 (ages 12+ – 18)*
  • Is freely available to all schools and colleges from from 17th January to 31st May 2022 — ‘the Screening Window’
  • Fulfils the educational requirements of all UK students regarding Holocaust Education
  • Is easily accessible by teachers via a secure link on our website
  • Optional subtitled version for students with hearing impairment


*Students within Special Schools

Out of the Darkness is suitable for students from UK mainstream school years 8-13 (ages 12+ – 18 years). HLUK advises that the emotional and cognitive content of Out of the Darkness is likely to be too challenging for students attending special schools. Teachers from Special Schools are strongly recommended to view Out of the Darkness in full prior to screening it for their students.

For further information on the film please see our FAQ page, here.

Teachers’ Resources
  • Links to educational resources for all the issues raised within the Docufilm are available via the Teachers’ Resources Page.
  • If your school or college wishes to screen Out of the Darkness, you will need to register your interest in advance of screening. You will then be sent information about how to screen the film at your convenience during the screening window. Teachers are able to preview Out of the Darkness before showing it to students.


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We very much hope that you will take advantage of this exciting opportunity for your students for 2022.

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