Out of the Darkness

A Docufilm brought to you by Holocaust Learning UK

For the past 19 years, Holocaust Learning UK, (formerly NHMDE) has invited schools and colleges from across Greater London, Middlesex and Hertfordshire to participate in its unique Events. Around 35,000 students have passed through its programme and Holocaust Learning UK has been pleased to welcome all students, whether they have been sent in small subject-specific groups such as GCSE or A level History, RE or Philosophy or as part of entire year groups from Year 8 through to Sixth Form.

Due to the COVID crisis, Holocaust Learning UK is not able to invite students into our participating synagogues to hear the testimony of a Holocaust Survivor in 2021. However, its commitment to teaching students about the Holocaust and helping students understand that they must all play their parts in the fight against racism, victimisation and intolerance remains as steadfast as ever.

We have commissioned a docufilm, Out of the Darkness, which will capture the spirit and essence of the Events. It will be visually engaging, informative and thought provoking and is intended for use both in the classroom and students’ homes.

As our Events have done in the past, Out of the Darkness will include the compelling testimony of a Holocaust Survivor as well as feature participating students and a rabbi. It will provide contextual information about the Holocaust to enable students to best appreciate and understand the Survivor testimony but it will also reference subsequent genocides and identify suffering where the victims are selected on the basis of being ‘different’ or ‘other’.

Out of the Darkness is fundamentally about encouraging students to learn the lessons from the past to help build a better, safer future for everyone.


Out of the Darkness

• Will last approximately one hour
• Will be suitable for students from Year 8 through to Sixth Form
• Is freely available to all schools and colleges
from 1st February to 31st March 2021 — ‘the screening window’
• Will fulfil the educational requirements of all UK students regarding Holocaust Education
• Will be easily accessible by teachers via a secure link on our website


Educational Support

• All necessary resources and a Teacher Guide will be made
available to teachers via the website
• Further links to more detailed follow-up and study will be provided
• Optional subtitles for the hearing impaired

If your school or college wishes to screen Out of the Darkness, you will need to register your interest in advance of screening. A secure code will then be sent to you to enable you to screen the film at your convenience during the screening window.

To register your interest in participating, please click here.

For further information please email

We very much hope that you will take advantage of this exciting opportunity for your students for 2021. From 2022 onwards, Holocaust Learning UK hopes to offer schools and colleges both visits in person to participating synagogues to hear a Survivor or family member of a Survivor and a film for use in the classroom and in students’ homes.

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