Our Screening Window opened on 17th January for both our new Out of the Darkness: Assembly Film and Out of the Darkness: Janine’s Story and screenings have been strong and steady since with record numbers being achieved for student viewings.

It is exciting for us to receive such eloquent and positive praise from teachers and students in their evaluations:

“The films created a platform for the most powerful assemblies and lessons throughout the week. Staff and students came forward to say how powerful it was and how it was the best and most meaningful assembly they had had. Thank you.” Yr 9 Teacher

“Both the assembly film and Janine’s Story were extremely well structured with a great mix of live footage and old photographs, testimony and young actors. Very valuable experience.” Yr  9 Teacher

“It is important for us to know what happened in the Holocaust because it illustrates the dangers of discrimination and prejudice and gives us an understanding of what it was like back then.’ Yr 7 Student