Testimonials (Teachers & Student Postcards)

Every year we ask visiting students to write a postcard to the Survivor Speaker of the day with their thoughts and feelings about what they’ve just heard. Teachers are also asked to evaluate every aspect of our programme so it can be refined and improved upon year on year.

Some comments from the teachers

“Janine was a superb speaker. Her talk was inspiring and emotional.”
“The day was incredible and hearing Eva was so insightful.”
“I visited this programme as a 14 year old myself and the gravity of the event still isn’t lost on me 10 years later. An inspiring event.”
“Well developed plan for the day. Speakers were amazing.”
“This is obviously the result of many years experience. The whole event was well judged and appropriate.”
“Very good oral history.”
“A fantastic piece of enrichment. Thank you for organising this – a truly memorable experience.”
“Thank you for welcoming our students and inspiring them to never forget. God Bless.”
“The event is always inspirational. This year did feel extra special, with all the additional visitors and 75th anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation.”
“Improved resources in workshops. Speaker was fantastic.”
“Very well planned and executed activity. Very informative and meaningful to the students and staff.”
“I thought it was a brilliant morning. Privileged to meet Helen Lewis. I can’t think of any improvement.”
“Many thanks. Looking forward to next time.”
“An amazing experience and one which I will continue to bring my students to. Thank you.”
“An outstanding opportunity for the children to meet a survivor of one of the most notorious concentration camps in history. Very moving.”

And some Postcards from the students