We managed to film Out of the Darkness by ducking and diving around lockdowns at Broadley Studios in Marylebone and The Ark Synagogue in Northwood. Jason Isaacs very kindly recorded the Narration from his home. Huge thanks are owed to everyone involved in bringing the film to schools and colleges all over the country.

The Whickers are proud to be associated with Out of the Darkness. If we are to learn from the past, it is essential that the horrors of the Holocaust and the words of those who survived should be handed down to the next generation and made available to every secondary school. We shall be using this excellent film as part of our training sessions for documentary makers. 
Valerie Kleeman, Founder, Whicker’s World Foundation

I just wanted to say how much I valued the Holocaust Learning film “Out of the Darkness”. It really was an impressive piece of work, and I think it was engaging throughout and struck the right balance informing everyone of the events that led up to the Holocaust, the enormity of the event, the use of young actors and the powerful personal testimony of Janine. I think there was a personal challenge there for all of us who watched this. I do hope it will be a resource that will be taken up by many schools not only in London and Hertfordshire but further afield as well.
Rev Tony Rindl Vicar of Watford St Mary’s Watford

114 schools have now registered over 30,000 students to view Out of the Darkness and this includes our first American registration. 

I found it interesting as it covered a lot about the Holocaust that I previously didn’t know about, looked at different stories and experiences I hadn’t heard before (and conveyed it in an interesting way) and had some of the stories told by children, which to me showed that the Holocaust affected more than just Jewish adults.  

I liked the talk because of the detail of the stories and the passages of Jewish people during the Holocaust read by the kids, the stories were very moving and can be learnt from in the modern world.  

Honestly it made me cry and that’s all I can say because I barely cry. 

I know through my work with Local Authority SACREs (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education) that schools are always looking for high quality teaching resources and I will be recommending Out of the Darkness to all Secondary School teachers within the SACRE network.  
Sharon Coussins SACRE Officer Wandsworth

Please can I thank you and everyone you work with for producing such a sleek piece of work. The staff who showed the film today told me how impressed they were.  
Head of Philosophy Religion & Ethics, Watford Grammar School for Boys

The film was very powerful. The students who read out the testimonies were very engaging and it was tastefully put together. Linked together very well with our Holocaust curriculum. Congratulations to all involved in putting the film together! 
RS Dept at Watford Girls Grammar School