We managed to film Out of the Darkness: Janine’s Story by ducking and diving around lockdowns at Broadley Studios in Marylebone and The Ark Synagogue in Northwood. Jason Isaacs very kindly recorded the Narration from his home. Huge thanks are owed to everyone involved in bringing the film to schools and colleges all over the country.


Happy New Year!  We wish everyone well and are delighted that so many schools are registering to view Out of the Darkness: Assembly Film and Out of the Darkness: Janine’s Story even during this difficult time.
This is what The Rt Hon The Lord Austin, Honorary President, Holocaust Learning UK had to say about our new Assembly Film:


“I hope every school will use this film in assemblies and classes so that young people can learn about the Holocaust, and where prejudice, bigotry and hatred can lead. Genocide, antisemitism, racism, xenophobia and discrimination still affect so many people and this is why Holocaust Learning UK’s work and the work teachers and schools do to bring people together, build stronger communities and a more united society are so vital.”


The Screening Window for both Docufilms opens on 17th January but remember there is only one month in which to screen the Assembly Film.  Schools will be able to screen Out of the Darkness: Janine’s Story until 31st May.


As we head for the holidays, Holocaust Learning UK wants to thank schools and colleges from across the UK, and beyond, for registering to screen Out of the Darkness: Janine’s Story and Out of the Darkness: Assembly Film to their students in 2022.

We would like to thank all the Survivors who have been filmed by us this year for sharing their remarkable stories:

Steven Frank BEM, Manfred Goldberg BEM, Ann Kirk BEM,

Bob Kirk BEM, Peter Lantos BEM, Hannah Lewis MBE,

Susan Pollack MBE, Vera Schaufeld MBE, Mala Tribich MBE.

Tapestry Films have excelled themselves again and we look forward to working on further docufilm projects in 2022 and beyond.  Huge thanks are owed to Broadley Studios who hosted the filming so generously and indeed all our supporters but special thanks are owed to the Jane Goodman Charitable Trust without whose help this filming would not be possible.

We are inviting people to screen Out of the Darkness: Assembly Film during a two-week period from 13th January 2022 and if anyone would like to see it, please contact us on

We are delighted to announce that we now have a trailer for Out of the Darkness: Assembly Film.  Do please take a look at it:

We have had an enthusiastic response from schools and colleges all over the UK to view both Out of the Darkness: Janine’s Story and Out of the Darkness: Assembly Film for their 2022 Holocaust Memorial Day assemblies and lessons across the curriculum.

We are delighted to welcome back many of our regular schools and a whole raft of schools and colleges who will be screening our Docufilms for the first time.