We managed to film Out of the Darkness by ducking and diving around lockdowns at Broadley Studios in Marylebone and The Ark Synagogue in Northwood. Jason Isaacs very kindly recorded the Narration from his home. Huge thanks are owed to everyone involved in bringing the film to schools and colleges all over the country.

As schools head into the Easter holidays, Holocaust Learning UK wishes everyone a good and well-earned break.
We are most grateful to schools for their continued support and enthusiasm for Out of the Darkness and can report that we now have just under 40,000 students registered to view from nearly 160 schools.

We will be resuming weekly news updates after the holidays, but, in the meantime, please see these wonderful responses from screenings this week

‘Thank you very much for the opportunity to share this important film with our students during the lockdown restrictions.
Our students had some knowledge of the Holocaust already but were very moved by Janine’s story and also had huge admiration for her courage in being able to tell her story after so many years. The historical news clips and the testaments of other holocaust survivors read by actors really helped our students to understand the context of the Holocaust during the years leading up to and including the second world war.’

Lecturer, Harrow College

We’ve had some wonderful feedback from Year 8 students at St Clement Danes School:

‘I think that the docufilm produced a really interesting lesson. Finding out about the Holocaust first-hand was incredible. Also hearing experiences being read by children made it more powerful. I think it was very informative and taught me lots about the Holocaust.’

‘The documentary ignited feelings of sorrow, horror and pride. This is due to the descriptive re-enactment supported by a lady who persisted through it.’

‘I feel that the documentary we watched was very powerful and moving and it gave me a really good idea on how life was like- tough. I already knew it was bad, but this showed me the horrors Jewish people went through and made me feel emotional. It had a really good message.’