We managed to film Out of the Darkness by ducking and diving around lockdowns at Broadley Studios in Marylebone and The Ark Synagogue in Northwood. Jason Isaacs very kindly recorded the Narration from his home. Huge thanks are owed to everyone involved in bringing the film to schools and colleges all over the country.

The Screening Window is now closed, but Out of the Darkness will be available to schools and colleges to screen free of charge from 17th January 2022.  The Screening Window will be open until 31st May 2022.  Registration will open again on 4th October 2021 and all schools will be contacted by the Holocaust Learning UK Schools Bookings Team regarding new bookings.  Schools will also be able to register to screen via this website from 4th October 2021.  The News will return in October!

We are delighted to announce that just over 61,000 students registered to screen Out of the Darkness from 275 schools from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as schools from the United States, Australia, South Africa and a new booking from South Korea.

“This was the most valuable documentary on the Holocaust I have come across. The content was very age-appropriate, relaying the gravity of the events to the young people without explicit imagery. The focus on the Holocaust as a series of heinous events, rather than just honing in on the details of the Concentration camps or war helpfully relayed the myriad of atrocities victims faced. The link to modern acts of genocide inspired many young people who watched the documentary to undertake their own research and find ways to raise awareness and help.”  Yr 8 Teacher Dumbarton Academy