We managed to film Out of the Darkness by ducking and diving around lockdowns at Broadley Studios in Marylebone and The Ark Synagogue in Northwood. Jason Isaacs very kindly recorded the Narration from his home. Huge thanks are owed to everyone involved in bringing the film to schools and colleges all over the country.

It’s official!  Over 50,000 students from over 225 schools from all over the UK have registered to screen Holocaust Learning UK’s Docufilm Out of the Darkness!  In fact, we’re well on the way to 52,000 registrations.

“We are all very excited at reaching this milestone. These figures really show how enthusiastically Out of the Darkness has been received by teachers, students and Holocaust educators. We owe a huge thank you to the many people who have been working so hard behind the scenes to make, market and distribute this film to students all over the UK and internationally.”    BARBARA COHEN, CHAIR, HOLOCAUST LEARNING UK

Please remember that you have until 31st May to screen Out of the Darkness but rest assured it will be back next year together with a new and exciting resource for students from Year 8 – Year 13.

Teachers continue to feed back their comments about screening Out of the Darkness to their students. This one in particular caught our eye:

“I have been surprised by just how gripped the vast majority of learners have been. I had some additional time with my Y10 form when we returned to school and showed them. They can be very chatty but they watched with increasing attention and afterwards asked if we could watch more docufilms like that. I was impressed.”
Yr 9 Teacher, Huntcliff School


Student actor who appeared in Out of the Darkness

It seems fitting to relate actor student Soryoung Han’s response to taking part in Out of the Darkness in this landmark week for Holocaust Learning UK

“The experience of learning and speaking the words of Holocaust survivors was something indescribable; they were not only words, but the entire stories, experiences, and suffering of people which I can never truly understand. Seeing the clips of myself and fellow students within the context of the docufilm made this infinitely more apparent, and I felt both honoured and humbled to have had the privilege of being part of such a poignant, informative, and vital work.”