Feedback from students, teachers and educators continues to be outstanding:

Here is what student actor Oscar Maddocks said about taking part in Out of the Darkness:  “I learned so much from this experience. I was deeply shocked at the fact that people actually believed that this was a perfectly acceptable thing to do, and in fact the right thing to do. It gave me a much fuller understanding of the full extent of the trauma that people went through during the Holocaust.”

“I thought the film very powerful without showing visually some of the horrors of the Holocaust that so many other films do. I thought the use of the young actors very powerful.”  Year 9 Teacher, Kings’ School Winchester

“I [wanted] to tell you how moving this programme was.  It was so shocking and told me much that I didn’t know.  I also really liked the link to subsequent and current genocides in the world.  It is a fantastic piece of history that I’m sure will be used for many years to come. You should all feel so proud of it. ”  Mary Morris, Retired Head, St Helen’s School