The Coppice Academy from Newcastle-Under-Lyne very kindly tweeted after screening Out of the Darkness to Years 8, 9, 10 and 11: “Students took part in a Humanities Enrichment on Friday watching OOTD from Holocaust Learning UK. Thank you to all who created this excellent resource.”

Students from The Coppice Academy had this to say:
‘I was upset by this, but I found it really interesting’
‘I found it really inspiring and has helped me understand the Holocaust.’
‘This was the best way to show the events of the Holocaust. I only wish people would learn from these awful actions.’
‘I found it emotionally inducing and I feel all the better for it.’
‘It was so sad that people were treated like that.’

The Schools Inclusion Alliance also tweeted:
Thank you @HolocaustLearning UK…we watched this tonight; what a FANTASTIC resource for students and teachers alike. Thoroughly recommended.