May 24th – quotes

Responses this week from teachers and students alike to screenings of Out of the Darkness have been, simply, astounding. Here is just a small selection:

“The Holocaust Learning UK’s film was an excellent form of consolidation for our Year 9 Holocaust Unit. The film really brought the content we had been studying to life. When the students had heard we were not able to attend our annual Year 9 Religious Studies trip, they were upset. Even though we weren’t able to physically go to our local Belmont Synagogue, the key message was still received from the film – never again. I thank HLUK for putting this together because those students were still able to hear from a survivor. All the staff and students who have viewed the film were truly touched by Janine’s story. ” Teacher Yrs 9 and 10, Whitefriars School

“A powerful and highly informative film, it presented the holocaust to my students through the eyes of the survivors and witnesses to the genocide and put a human face to the stories and lessons they had already known about the subject.” Teacher Fraserburgh Academy

“A memorable film with such a strong impact on students hearing the words of the past in the voices of young people today.” Teacher Yr 8 Wolsingham School

“The testimony of Janine Webber allowed me to understand the damage caused to innocent Jewish lives and has made me realise the extent of anti-Semitism through history. Hearing Janine’s story has made me curious to find out more about this horrible event, and listen to testimony from other survivors. After hearing Janine’s story, I am encouraged not to be a bystander, and to speak up when there is an unjust situation, because if everyone did this many future genocides could be prevented. ”  Year 11 Student Bishop Ramsey School

“It was really interesting to watch and see how the world was back then and how it had affected the lady and many others.
I also liked how the film had different clips and pictures as it helps to understand it more.” 3rd Year, Aughnacloy College, Northern Ireland (equivalent to Yr 10)

“I really enjoyed film, it was so interesting. everyone thinks they have been through a lot but watching the film really made me think we have been through nothing compared to the people back in the days. I also thought it was very sad.”
3rd Year, Aughnacloy College, Northern Ireland (equivalent to Yr 10)


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